What is your team reaching for?

If you are looking for a magical team transformation in the course of a feel-good, two-day retreat, we are not the firm for you. That’s because we know that team development is a process, not an event.

Double Helix Learning partners with leaders and their senior teams who want to get serious about addressing critical issues that directly impact organizational effectiveness from the top of the organization to the front lines.

We don’t coach individual relationships among team members – our philosophy is that everyone owns the team’s experience, challenges, and achievements. We learn and practice open dialogue so that team members can see, name, and discuss openly the relationship dynamics that exist on the team today.  As we progress, the team takes more responsibility for determining its learning needs, experimenting, and applying new approaches that encourage high performance.

Leadership teams engage us to work with them on challenges like:

  • Transforming conflict into productive dialogue
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities to create alignment
  • Growing a culture of accountability
  • Improving meetings and decision-making processes
  • Growing leadership on executive teams
  • Transforming team dynamics from toxic to trusting

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Meet the 5-person leadership team for a budget office supporting a large federal agency.

The Challenge

The Director and another manager had recently departed. The Acting Director expected to be in the acting role for an indeterminate, possibly lengthy period. As an acting director, he was unsure of his authority to lead, yet he had to unify the team, onboard a new member, and keep the ship sailing through the fiscal year’s hectic end until a new Director was appointed.

Desired Results

Coalesce as a leadership team, and ensure each team within the budget office understood key processes so they could work together to meet end of year deadlines.

Team Coaching Focus

The team made a big discovery at the coaching kickoff, where they reviewed and discussed data from a diagnostic assessment that showed how they viewed their own leadership effectiveness as a team:  They were drowning in day-to-day transactional work and they all wanted to be able to empower and delegate more to their staffs.

Choices and Actions

A team diagnostic assessment revealed several challenges to be addressed:

  • Alignment: The team did not agree on mission priorities.
  • Accountability: The team did not have clear understandings of each division’s roles, functions, processes, or interdependencies.
  • Resources: The team was struggling with resourcing the office, from selecting and developing talent to implementing better tools and systems.
  • Trust: Leadership team members felt they could improve trust in their own professional relationships.
  • Constructive interaction: When conflict occurred, team members acknowledged they were avoiding having the necessary conversations to move through it.

Coaching Outcomes

Over a five-month period, coaching helped this leadership team navigate through a period of uncertainty, without any compromise in quality of service.  The leadership team also began to shift out of a reactive, short term focus and adopt a strategic, systemic approach to resourcing their office and improving systems and tools that would help them gain efficiency and drive higher employee engagement. They:

  • candidly addressed conflict when it came up because they had built a foundation of trust and they had conversational skills to support them.
  • accelerated the successful onboarding of the new member of the leadership team.
  • improved confusing internal processes and communication, leading to better collaboration across their units and improved service delivery.
  • shifted away from handling staffing issues working solo within their own stovepipes, and began collaborating to map out and implement a talent strategy for the Budget Office as a whole.

A more detailed version of the preceding case study may be downloaded here.

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